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Orient automatic wristwatches: precision and style from Japan

If you are looking for an automatic wristwatch that combines quality, precision and style, you should take a look at the products of the Japanese brand Orient. Orient has been a leading manufacturer of automatic wristwatches for over a century and offers a wide range of models, all of which offer excellent workmanship, reliability and modern style.

What distinguishes Orient from other watch brands is the use of high-quality materials and the combination of traditional Japanese watchmaking with modern technologies. Each Orient watch is meticulously hand assembled and checked to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

Orient automatic wristwatches are characterized by their stylish appearance. Whether you are looking for a classic watch with a leather strap or a sporty watch with a stainless steel case, Orient has a variety of models to suit your needs. In addition, the watches offer a variety of features including date display, day of the week display, water resistance and more.

In summary, Orient automatic wristwatches offer an excellent combination of precision, style and reliability. If you are looking for a watch that will meet your needs and give you a lifetime of pleasure, you should choose an Orient watch

Orient watches have a long history and are very popular among watch collectors. This is partly due to the fact that they are of high quality and reliability. And that at a very good price/performance ratio. It is not for nothing that the Orient brand has long belonged to Seiko or Seiko-Epson. Despite this affiliation, Orient is still an independent brand that produces all of its watches and movements itself. Orient's main focus is on men's automatic watches. There are also women's and quartz watches in the range.

Apart from the standard models, we also specialize in automatic watches with modifications. We have provided some models with a better and stronger luminosity. These can be found in the modifications.

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