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Useful information about our watches! 


We are happy to answer these questions for you, because waterproof does not necessarily mean suitable for the deep sea.
The water resistance of watches is defined in different levels and these are divided as follows:
Not specified:
If no indication can be found, then it is best not to let the watch come into contact with water at all. Of course, a few raindrops or washing your hands won't matter, but basically such a watch shouldn't come into contact with water.

30 meters/3 bars:
With this specification, the watch is at least a little protected. The watch is not affected by splashes of water, but it should definitely not be used for swimming or other underwater activities. Such a watch is not designed for that at all, even if it says 30 meters.

50 meters/5 bars:
Caution is still required in this area. Although it doesn't matter if you wear it to shower. But even then, putting it down is recommended, since the water vapor can still penetrate the case. But you could, for example, be worn permanently when it rains, for example if you work outside.

100 meters/10 bars:
This is where a watch really starts to be waterproof. With this you can swim and snorkel. But you should take them off for deeper diving.

200 meters/20 bar: 
With this specification, the watch can also be worn for deeper dives without hesitation. Watches with this specification can rightly be called diving watches. 

Advice on caring for wooden watches

There are various ways to care for your wooden watch. However, a wood wax is recommended, as this is one of the best methods for us. Of course, you can also varnish a wooden watch to protect it permanently. However, we strongly advise against this because it does not make the watch more beautiful in the end, but rather creates a worn effect. 
We recommend a wood wax. It has positive properties similar to oil, but is less dangerous (keywords: odor and flammability). Furthermore, oil can also leak out faster, which cannot happen to you with wax. So it's also a clean solution. 
The structure of the wood is brought out just as well with wax as with oil. Wax protects your watch from moisture and is also good at protecting against UV light. After the watch has been cleaned, the wax is best applied with a cotton cloth. Then let it soak in and then polish. Your watch will look like new. 

Modified Watches! 

What is a Trigalux® Lume?

We sell watches that we have modified and which therefore have a particularly strong luminosity. The luminosity is many times higher and lasts much longer than the standard luminosity. 
This makes your watch a special eye-catcher at night or in dark rooms. Apart from the fact that you can read the time better yourself in the dark. Whether in the club or when fishing at night, the luminosity is convincing in every situation.  

  We have the watches modified in Spain and offer corresponding watches in our shop. At the moment only Orient automatic watches, but that 
Portfolio will be expanded soon. 

TRIGALUX® Lume is based on modern strontium aluminate and is characterized by an immensely higher and longer luminosity. Only pigments that have been tested for the best possible luminosity are used during production. The lumen is painstakingly and precisely applied by hand in two layers. 

The green T3 fluorescent powder is visible in total darkness up to 10h, the blue T9 and the orange T5 up to 8h. Up to 8 hours are also possible for the vintage Lume T6.

The following models are available with the TRIGALUX® Lume:

Orient Automatic RA-AA0912B Kano Pepsi Diver

Orient FEM75004B Automatic Mako XL Diver
Orient FEM75002D6 Automatic Mako XL Diver 
Orient FAA02006M9 Automatic Ray II Diver 
Orient RA-AC0L04L00B Automatic M-Force Diver
Orient RA-AC0L06B00B Automatic M-Force Diver
Orient RA-AC0L02R00B Automatic M-Force Diver Red 

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